CiviCRM Accounting Integration


CiviCRM has changed the way that it handles financial information in version 4.3.

This hands-on session will have two tracks.

Using CiviAccounts

The first track focuses on exercises that explore the more flexible and reliable ways that financial information is tracked and stored in CiviCRM. Participants will learn how to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a campaign using discounts and premiums to increase purchases and giving, as well as deal with nasty irritants like changes and refunds without losing their cool. Upgrading your software - not drugs or meditation - is the key.

Configuring Accounting Integration

The second track does a deep dive into configuring the accounts and working the delicate kinks out of migrating your CiviCRM financial transactions into your accounting package. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop with an installed version of QuickBooks or Simply Accounting running a backup of their organization's actual accounts. Participants will:

  • configure your own or a test instance of CiviCRM so that it matches the relevant parts of your organization's Chart of Accounts,
  • export a few batches of transactions, and
  • work to import the batches into your accounting system properly.

Special attention will be given to helping people with the nitpicky problems associated with importing .IIF files into QuickBooks without replicating account names or doubling or tripling your organization's apparent income from a campaign.

Attached is a presentation on CiviAccounts that is background material for those coming to these hands-on sessions.

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Friday, April 26, 2013 - 14:30 to 16:00
Goldman Auditorium
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