CiviCRM in Faith Based Organizations


CiviCRM has the potential to be extremely useful as a "Church Management System" - and offers a great alternative to things like Fellowship One, ServiceU, ACS, Church Community Builder, and other proprietary applications. I would begin this forum by contrasting CiviCRM to some of the solutions above, and I would highlight what I have heard that organizations dislike about some of the commercial solutions (cost, functionality.)

I would share my ideas on how CiviCRMs group functionality can serve may of the needs of a Church or ministry organization, from small group management and attendance, to managing the various ministry organizations within the organization, and communicating to them effectively. I would then like to take a good chunk of time to have a roundtable, and share experiences from users who are using Civi in their organization, or are considering a move - and what the various functions are that their organization is needing a solution to fit. Last, we would talk about some of the areas that CiviCRM could be expanded in the future to fit even more appropriately in a faith based organization, such as children/member check in, kiosk functionality, etc. Thanks for your consideration! Slides will be minimal but can be prepared and presented as needed.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 14:00 to 15:00
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