CiviCRM for Print Media


Australia’s leading political magazine is a test case for adapting CiviCRM for managing subscriptions in independent print and digital media.

Many publishers already love Drupal but few have discovered that CiviCRM is the simple and easy subscriber management module that they always wished for.

Drupal-powered magazines should be excited. This includes The New Republic, The Economist, The Week, The Nation, and Popular Science.

CiviCRM is the perfect open source system to drive subscriptions, manage pay-walls, control iPad apps and keep a media organisation lean and in control.

Over 30,000 magazines and journals operate in the United States alone. Their publishers are hungry for ways to reduce running costs, which CiviCRM can do.

This session will cover how CiviCRM can expand into news and media as well as share answers to the obstacles encountered while converting a magazine subscriber database, including:

·      Setting up print, digital and app subscriptions without hacking

·      Implementing gift subscriptions in a unique way

·      Key difference between memberships and subscriptions


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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 15:15 to 16:15
Kinzie East
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