Nonprofit solutions

Our solutions provides an infrastructure for your day-to-day operations, communication and collaboration tasks so you can focus on what matters most for your organization - fulfilling your mission.


As a nonprofit organization, you certainly operate with limited time, resources and budget. We therefore provide a complete, turn-key service that even includes data migration and training of your staff.

Your Way

All nonprofit organizations are different in their mission, the way they work, and the tools they are using. We therefore take the time to fully understand your organization, and then build a solution based on your unique needs.

Sponsorship Level:

Why Sponsoring : 

Sponsoring CiviCon is for us a way to support the CiviCRM community by providing funding for code sprints and other activities that directly translate into making CiviCRM better for all.

In addition to sponsoring CiviCon, we are also proud to regularly contribute enhancements and bug fixes to the CiviCRM code base, as well as publishing extension modules such as Synchronization and Integration with Google Apps.