CMDrupal Part 1 - How Community Media Converts Viewers -> Members -> Certified Producers


While this session will cover how these modules are used to certify producers so they can make their own studio reservations in community media environments, similar configurations can be used in any environment requiring classes, certifications, and/or reservations. It possible a Community Media organization using Drupal and CiviCRM already exists where you live operating a channel on your local cable system. These organizations exist in most major cities in the United States as well as other places in the world. Community Media takes many forms. In the states, most are subsidized by cable franchise agreements to provide local public, educational, and/or government programing. This programming is often referred to as PEG and often includes public access to training, equipment, and studios for people in the local community to create their own television show. If someone can name a single show associated with public access, most only know the fictional Wayne's World show from SNL and movies of the 80's and 90's. While most community media groups air several music shows each week, the truth is actually more interesting than fiction. Several music groups, producers and media artists got their start in community media including OK Go, , Bryon Singer (Usual Suspects/X-Men) and Eric Hamburg (Nixon/On Any Given Sunday). In early 2006, Manhattan Neighborhood Network developed an open source solution for staff to manage user equipment reservations written in Drupal 4.7 and CiviCRM 1. In 2008, the Open Media Foundation was given a $380,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to develop an open source, self service solution for community media groups in Drupal 6. In 2012, channelAustin hosted the Community Media Drupal Summit where 8 organizations using Drupal and CiviCRM agreed to collaborate on the development of solutions to meet their common need. This work took the form of distributions and documentations on This session will cover some of the CiviCRM modules developed for and supported by community media organizations including;

  • CiviCRM Cron - A simple module that runs CiviCRM's cron using Drupal's cron. Useful when CiviCRM is installed using a starter kit on a host where cron configuration is complicated.
  • CiviCRM Realname - Adds first and last name from CiviCRM Contact associated to Drupal user to values Drupal sites can use to replace usernames in most places they appear.
  • CiviCRM Multiday Event - Used by community media groups to schedule classes with multiple sessions.
  • CiviCRM Certify - Used to associate a certification Group to an Event and put contacts into the group.
  • CiviCRM Prereq Check - Prevents user from registering for a class until they have passed the prerequisite classes. Users can't take an advanced camera skills class until they completed a basic camera class.
  • CiviMember PLUS Roles Sync - The PLUS adds the option to require a contact be in one or several groups in CiviCRM in addition to the contact's membership status before a record is synchronized. A common use for this in community media is requiring a basic intro class in addition to a paid membership before the user is added to a Drupal Role that gives them more permissions.
  • CiviCRM User Reference - Allows staff to look up a user by their contact information, but store the uid for the Drupal user instead of the cid of the contact
  • Reservations - By far the most complicated module developed for community media organizations. If becoming a certified producer at a community media organization was a game, reserving equipment would be the reward. This module allows certified producers the ability to reserve studios or equipment themselves. While the majority of the functionality is provided by Drupal, but in community media environments Reservations is tightly integrated with CiviCRM.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 09:45 to 10:45
Kinzie East
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