Fundraising with CiviCRM, or how to make fundraising more fun


In this interactive session, we'll brainstorm:

  • What actions we need to take to raise money, year after year.
  • What information we'll need to store.
  • And how to find it later.

We will use this basic framework (action + info + find) to determine which features in CiviCRM will help us raise more money for the causes we care about. 

More information:
In the language of fundraising, we will cover:

  • Gift processing.  Administrative responsibilities of a nonprofit to someone who donates, ie. sending a tax receipt
  • Acknowledgment.  Showing appreciation to donors for their support this year and in the past
  • Moves management.  Building relationships with donors and increasing their commitment to the cause
  • Prospect development.  Identifying who you should ask, for how much, and to support which projects
  • Reporting.  Keeping an eye on trends in your community of support

A major theme for this presentation is databases require care and feeding.  In addition to talking about what information to store and how to find it later, we'll talk about ways your database will likely become a chaotic mess and what you can do on a regular basis to hold the chaos at bay.  Because it's awfully awkward to send someone a renewal notice when they just donated, but under a duplicate record.

This talk is geered towards non-technical users who are familiar with fundarising, or developers who want to learn more about how organizations can use CiviCRM to fundraise.


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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 15:15 to 16:15
Goldman Auditorium
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