Reseau Koumbit

Established in Montreal in 2004, Koumbit is a non-profit organization which promotes the use of free & open source software by community groups in Quebec, Canada, and internationally. The organization provides a pool of skills and resources for progressive-minded autonomous IT workers and design professionals. Koumbit provides Web hosting, website creation, graphic design and training services, primarily targeted for community groups and progressive organisations. Koumbit's management structure is inspired by the collaborative practices involved in open-source software development, and based on participatory economics principles.

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Why Sponsoring : 

Open source software starts with the community it serves, and that community supports it in return. Events such as these are a great entry point for newcomers and a valuable initiative to make the community stronger. In the process,the product becomes better and more accessible. Koumbit has used open source software since its founding. This contribution is our small way to send a big encouragement to the rest of the CiviCRM community.