Transitioning to CiviCRM - how to map your data into CiviCRM and how to design custom fields and profiles to collect the data you want


This workshop is for those who are planning to transition to CiviCRM (from existing CRM, spreadsheets or paper trail) or already transferred some data to CiviCRM but are wondering where non-standard information, that was previously collected in other systems, would fit in CiviCRM.

I work for Freeform Solutions, a social enterprise, where our mission is to help not-for-profits to use IT most effectively. Over the last 5 years, we've helped multiple organizations to successfully transition to CiviCRM from systems like Access, File Maker Pro, Constant Contacts, Mail Chimp, spreadsheets and paper documents. We recognize the challenge that most organization have at the beginning of CiviCRM project when they are considering which existing data will be transitioned into CiviCRM and how that will be achieved. We believe that only if this step is performed properly, CiviCRM will work to your advantage but if the existing data mapping into CiviCRM is done "against the grain", a disaster may wait down the road.

In the first part of this workshop we will talk about recognizing patterns in existing data (information already collected by your organization) and best practices on how to allocate that data in CiviCRM "entities" (Contacts, Memberships, Contributions, Activities, etc.).

In the second part of this workshop we will look at amazing ways to easily customize CiviCRM installation so it's able to collect and report any data you may wish. We will look at how to create custom fields (and when not to), what to watch for when declaring custom fields definitions, how to create profiles (online forms) to support data intake. We will take questions from the workshop participants, brainstorm and provide answers on how to best allocate their sets of data in CiviCRM "entities".

This workshop is designed for organization's decision makers as well as data administrators and web developers who would like to better understand what CiviCRM has to offer in sense of data collection and reporting, and how to adjust CiviCRM to match your organization needs. This workshop may also prove useful for existing CiviCRM users who feel that CiviCRM doesn't meet all their needs and some organization data is still collected in spreadsheets or other systems.

No programming knowledge is required, this will be a "point and click" activity. Also, no previous knowledge of CiviCRM is required.

Note: this workshop is not about how to perform the data import tasks, there will be another workshop covering this topic.

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Friday, April 26, 2013 - 09:15 to 10:45
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