Unlocking Potential - CiviCRM Starter Kit Distribution on Drupal.org


The CiviCRM Starter Kit Distribution on Drupal.org combines a minimized version of CiviCRM with Drupal core, several popular contrib modules, and several CiviCRM specific modules. All of this is packaged into a single download which makes quick work of getting a new CiviCRMs site up and running w/ Drupal (Download and Install the Current Versions of Drupal and CiviCRM < 10 minutes). While this is great for new sites, this presentation will focus on the advantages of an migrating existing site to a distribution and the future of the CiviCRM Starter Kit including;

  • Why CiviCRM Usage Numbers Matter on Drupal.org
  • Update Status Alerts When CiviCRM is Updated
  • Benefits of Hundreds of Sites Using the Same Versions of Several Modules
  • How to Migrate an Existing Site to a Distribution
  • Building on Layers - Overriding the Distributions Version of Modules and Extensions
  • Running the CiviCRM Starter Kit Distribution on Pantheon
  • Reducing the Duplicate Code... Should CiviCRM use Drupal's Libraries?
  • Looking forward to Drupal 8, Symphony, and Potential of Building the CiviCRM Starter Kit on a smaller Drupal version of Drupal.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 16:30 to 17:30
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